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Automation and Robotics

Characteristics of the field of study:

- the full-time engineering studies last seven semesters and end with a diploma exam

- there are two elective modules:
   - Computer processes of automation systems
   - Robotics

- the emphasis is put on gaining practical skills acquired through practical classes, project classes, laboratories and in-company trainings which enable students to interact and solve real engineering problems.

Graduates can find a job:
- in design companies which implement and maintain automation, control and robotics systems
- in production and service companies, in departments of maintenance, control and safety
- in innovative entities
- in units dealing with implementation and development
- in industrial plants of any branch of economy, where modernization and automation processes are implemented

Profile of the graduate

Graduates will acquire relevant knowledge and practical skills in the field of technical sciences including:
- control and optimization;
- high- and low-level programming
- construction, configuration and programming of devices used for control and measurement as well as for control and diagnostics
- integration of control systems
- management of production supervision
- construction, operation and configuration of industrial telecommunication networks
- computerization and automation of security systems
- programming of industrial controllers
- programming of embedded systems
- integration of electronic and mechanical systems in robotics
- programming and kinematics of robots
- measurement and multifaceted analysis of signals


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