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Social Work

First cycle studies of practical profile

Ful-time and extramural studies.
Social Work is an interdisciplinary field of study that derives from other disciplines connected with social sciences like: sociology, social policy, pedagogy, psychology, economics, law as well as disciplines dealing with functioning in the society. Social work focuses on issues related to assisting others.

Social Work courses are practical and directed at individuals who:
   - want to pursue the profession of social worker in the future
   - have the passion for supporting others, especially vulnerable ones, as well as families and people with social problems
   - want to learn social sciences in a more extended way
   - want to acquire practical skills needed in future professional work
   - want to know the basic law regulations
   - want to acquire skills in management, interpersonal communication and negotiation
   - want to gain knowledge about national and European social welfare institutions

Strengths of the direction:
   - a vast majority of subjects of practical profile as well s workshops
   - a large number of subjects implemented in the form of small laboratory groups
   - application of modern teaching methods (simulation laboratory, learning to use programs for future professional work, joint projects of students)
   - student practical training lasts 3 months

Graduates may find employment in:
   - social service sector (e.g. offices, district family support centers, municipal welfare centers, social care centers, nursing homes, children's homes, facilities for the homeless, refugee centers, health centers, penitentiary institutions)
   - organizational units for employment and unemployment prevention
   - private institutions providing social services
   - non-governmental organizations providing social support


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