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Characteristic of the field of study and specializations:

  - first cycle full time studies last 7 semesters, graduates obtain the title of professional engineer

  - "Designer" is a specialist who has an impact on the way our environment looks like by designing everyday objects, furniture, lighting, household appliances, means of transport, equipment for public spaces, textiles and utility textiles, clothing, widely understood pieces of information and visual advertising

  - mandatory trainings after the 6th semester will make it easier to establish contacts with potential employers

  - there are two specializations which are described below to choose from after the 4th semester

Specialization: Industrial Design

  - means actually creation of concepts, spatial models, visualization and prototypes of industrial products of various kinds: furniture, lighting, specialized equipment, interior fittings for residential and public rooms, toys, means of transport and others. Fashion shows organized at the end of semesters and the academic year are very popular;

  - graduates may find employment in different types of studios and design offices, providing design services, in companies or manufacturing enterprises of various production types< br/>

Specialization: Visual Communication Design

  - also known as 2D design is a specialization involving designing various forms of visual information and persuasion, which form the basis for functioning of today's business, institutions, offices and public administration

  - a graduate of this specialization will be able to design for instance: various types of trademarks, identification systems for companies and brands, a series of information signs for companies, institutions and public spaces, publishing (magazines, books, brochures), graphics, color, infographics and interface of the product, elements of advertising (posters, billboards, leaflets, press advertisements) and packaging

  - graduates work in companies and advertising agencies, publishing houses, marketing departments in various types of companies and enterprises, in the editorial offices of newspapers and magazines, printing houses and companies specializing in the design of internal and external visual information.


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