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Electronics and Telecommunications

Characteristic of the field of study:

  - full time first cycle studies last 7 semesters, students are awarded the title of engineer

  - after the 4th semester students choose:
   - a block of Electronic Equipment-oriented courses including such items as: Sensor Technology, Computer Measurement Systems, Hardware Implementation of Algorithms, Sensor Technique, Industrial Controllers, Signal Processors, Digital Processing of Acoustic Signals and selected topics in Power Electronics
   - or a block of Teleinformatics-oriented courses including such items as: Databases, Internet Programming, Computer Networks, A/C and C/A, Computer Diagnostic Acoustic Methods and Data Transmission

  - graduates are prepared to design, assemble and configure electronic and telecommunications equipment, design and construct telecommunication networks (optic fiber cable, wired and wireless networks, telecommunications networks), to manufacture and use analog and digital devices and electronic and telecommunication systems

  - a significant part of practical classes (laboratory classes, computer-aided design classes, and arithmetic exercises) take place in modern and well-equipped laboratories

  - graduates may find employment in companies which design and manufacture electronic and telecommunications equipment, as network operators of telecommunications and ICT and in all types of companies dealing with modern electronic and telecommunications devices


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