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1st cycle full-time studies (6 semesters).

After the 1st year students choose one of the following specializations:

Applied Chemistry introduces students to the principles and methods connected with production of chemicals on an industrial scale; it covers issues like polymer technology, nanotechnology, etc.

Medical Chemistry is concerned with procedures for microbiological control, the science of biomaterials, methods of monitoring and control of biotechnological processes in the chemical industry.

Food Chemistry covers such areas as: qualitative and quantitative analysis of food, analysis of toxic food ingredients, chemical food additives, etc.

Chemical Risk Assessment deals with e.g. protection against the risks associated with toxic industrial agents and radioactive materials during their production, transportation, storage and use. Graduates will be prepared to undertake effective rescue operations in emergency situations resulting from the presence of substances that can cause fire, explosion, poisoning of people and animals, as well as contamination of the environment.

Graduates find employment in e.g. chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food companies, food processing plants, institutions dealing with measurement and control, also in education (but only after obtaining additional pedagogical training).


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