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German Philology


    - German in Business

    - German in Tourism

Full-time studies (6 semesters) give students the language competence of C1 level in German in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Students also take a mandatory Swedish or English language course (3 semesters). Thanks to current bilateral agreements there is the possibility to continue the education at a partner university in Austria in the framework of Erasmus+ program.

Students find employment in:

   - trade and services sector (e.g. multinational companies, airlines, travel industry)

   - promotion offices, offices in charge of regional and international cooperation in units of local administration,

   - editorial offices of mass media and press, advertising, promotion and public relations agencies

   - institutions which disseminate information and institutions of culture (institutes, foundations, museums, libraries), as well as all kinds of institutions and organizations operating in the public sphere which maintain contacts with media


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