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    - Economics of the Food Industry

    - English for Economics of Tourism and Hotel Management

    - Company Finances

Economics of the Food Industry deals with issues connected with safe production of food. They also get familiar with standards in force which are used in production, techniques and technologies of food production, economics and organization of operators in the sector of the food industry, the structure of agribusiness in Poland and the EU, agricultural and structural policy, entrepreneurship, management of EU projects, cooperative farming, agro-tourism, banking, interpersonal communication and environmental protection.

Students of Economics of Tourism and Hotel Management with English Language, find out how tourism and hotel operators function, they get familiar with problems of economic activities related to the operation of tourist traffic: organization, marketing and management, as well as elements of nutrition, international tourism and the importance of tourism for the economy of Poland and European Union

Company Finances students acquire broad knowledge and skills in the fields of, e.g.:
   - accounting in enterprises,
   - analysis and financial plans in the company,
   - preparing financial reports,
   - management accounting,
   - corporate finances,
   - public finances,
   - tax system in Poland and in the EU,
   - banking system,
   - insurance,
   - social security,
   - financial markets,
   - accounting advisory,
   - valuation of assets,
   - methods of valuation of economic projects,
   - functioning the EU structural funds.

Graduates are well prepared to work in enterprises, public and non-governmental organizations and institutions, mainly in operational positions - in the country and abroad; they have also the necessary knowledge and skills to run business independently, they are able to move freely in the socio - economic European field,


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